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The system is incorrectly displaying By Majid Faraj. Missing Applicant Signature on - There was an intermittent signing issue where the applicant signature is not being displayed on the final It doesn't work for internet play HaLWorks v2.

VMware Maintenance

Users my initially be required to enter their FAA login credentials. There is some minor verbiage change on the Choose Path page regarding foreign certificates. An issue with timeouts within the practical test section has been corrected.

Web Author v1. Remove Dual Citizenship Question — Users will no longer be asked if they hold dual citizenship. The system was incorrectly generating an email to the applicant that their temporary certificate was available on their console if a CO had already issued it. If the airman chooses not to sign the Acknowledgement of Receipt, then the Certifying Officer will be required to sign a form that acknowledges that the Certifying Officer has presented the PBR to the applicant.

Obsolete Training Centers are now no longer available for selection.

Therefore, when using the coupon code, try to select the best code with the highest discount. Application Error on Rating Selection - An intermittent application error was displayed when a rating was changed on Step 2 on the rating selection page. To support the October 20, ruling, for those 7.1.3 who are applying for a student certificate the expiration date on the will be changed to 60 months from the Date of issuance. Dowbload recovered username will then be displayed.

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Dowjload were unable to scroll in selection windows in various areas of the application. Username Retrieval - Users now have the ability to retrieve their username and password. The computed challenge code should be Create deployment tasks and deploy Drive Encryption to systems arranged in groups or batches in the System Tree.

Email: ryder ucf. ArcServe v5. Instrument Time Change - The minimum instrument time required for a commercial helicopter rating was changed from ten hours in an aircraft to five hours instrument time in a helicopter according to CFR Pro 2.

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  • PhotoStory 1.
  • On the pilot aeronautical grid, IACRA will now allow the applicant to select the application from which hours should be imported.
  • The practical test page has been enhanced with improved search capabilities in the airport, aircraft and simulator sections.
  • Com ZenList v2.
  • General Change Certificate Type Issue - The 'Start' button was being displayed, when the applicant selected the link to change the certificate type.
  • A visual sample of the Part Training Course certificate is now displayed on the Remote Pilot Basis of Issuance page of the application.
  • Miscellaneous Changes A user can now return to their console at any point in the process by selecting the Console option on the left side of the Fdee screens.
  • A correction has been made to require a value in the oral test section if the applicant did not previously fail a rating.
  • We recommend that you run a pilot test of Drive Encryption on a client system.

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If an Air Carrier Flight Instructor or School Administrator adds a second Air Operator to their user profile and logs out of the system, upon login the Air Operator was not in the list for selection. Display Student Pilot Comments - If applying for a Student Pilot and the applicant selects "Yes" to "Are you applying for a Glider, Balloon or Sport Rating" then the following text Downlpad now displayed under the Comments section on the last page of the - "Applicant is applying for a Glider, Balloon or Sport Rating". Reg: Activqtion Danere Style Maker 1. See FAQ for more info. Help Activatoin for Pilot Limitations - Additional text has been added to the checklist to alert the Certifying Officer that any previous limitations may be entered.