Included models:. From till the s a common and popular two-seated glider for training and for performance soaring as well.

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Advanced Search. I use the ClearView RC flight simulator software and this controller was plug and play easy. Please read the text file belonging to the model V Despite the negative reviews, I decided to take a chance

I primarily bought it for the controller anyway, since the software can be downloaded online for free. Flaps don't move Modl their effect should be there. Volantex with Clearview. It did help me prepare myself for flying 4 channel airplanes, but nothing comes close to the real thing.

Could only get three channels to work, no elevator control. WinToFlash 1.13.0000 [2020] [Latest] Download Please read the text file belonging to the model Super Miss. Please read the text file belonging to the model V

With translucent wing, bigger and more forward vertical tail, and with the power and the control throws of the 'wild' version. Almost as neutral and fast flight characteristics as later pattern models. The product is very poorly made even when compared to the low-end Esky controllers.

It gave me inspiration and the confidence to go ahead and buy the micro Trojan and micro Mustang along with the DX6i remote on eBay. Course the big issue for me, being naturally frugal, is that it is free!!! Measured moments of inertia. This model is additionally set up as if it were towing an MDM-1 Fox glider please read the document. Center the control and click Finish.

Volantex with Downpoad. I Alha to an extent. Boelkow Bo A Junior scaled This model has 3. It includes short descriptions of the sounds and recording instructions ReflexSoundsBE. Each installer contains model definitions except for models without shapemodel parameters, some of them special drive sounds, a text German and English with some notes, and many of them even demo flights.

Flaws: In Win7 you need to disable the texture to avoid the flickering.

Different drive variants included. View or edit your browsing history. The flight simulator disc that came with the product is not as good as clearview but is better than nothing when learning the basics of (lFying flight.

I suggest that people buy products Amazon sells itself as my experience in those products have been better including their

FMS vs RealFlight thoughts

  • Very nice models for which I, too, once adjusted the flight behavior parameters.
  • You may get the original article with my annotations in the paper mentioned above no longer in a separate pdf filehere UglyStik.
  • It's rather simple and looks remotely like a Transall, but even got the correct propellers and a better landing gear.
  • The installer programm installs the best version each of the selected REFLEX models in an own folder just for convenience.
  • Just an fyi.
  • I don't seem to be able to get full throttle or left rudder no matter what I do.
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  • I started using FMS 8.
  • I now stick to my Futaba TX with the sim and in the field and use FMS to keep oriented and nimble fingered over the winter.